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Plootu Fennica

Plootu Fennica sheet metal product competition is open to all with a product or part of a product designed and manufactured of sheet metal. The competition is divided into three equivalent categories: industrial, design, and educational establishments. The winner of each category is awarded with a cash prize. In addition to winning prizes and honorable mentions, the competition provides publicity and visibility at Engineering Works Trade Fair at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre and in the press.

Contest Rules

The contest is open to all studying or working in the field. You can compete as an individual or as a member of a team, e.g. study group, work team, educational establishment, company or an enterprise group. You can compete e.g. with a complete product that can be the outcome of co-operation between several companies or with a single part of a product. Participation does not require membership of The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. Competition entries must be in the form of a prototype or a finished product already in production. Drawings are not considered as eligible entries. 

Competition Categories

The competition is divided into three equivalent categories and in all a winning entry will be awarded. 1. Educational establishments, 2.Design, 3. Industrial  

The jury is entitled to transfer an entry to a category other than it was entered in. If the jury sees a competition entry entered in educational establishment category meeting the judging criteria better in the designing category, it is allowed for the jury to transfer the entry to that category without notification to entrant.


Competition Schedule

The deadline for new entries will be announced later.


Evaluation Criteria

The most essential evaluation criterion of the Plootu Fennica competition is to find products and components that sheet metal has had the essential role in the innovativeness, structure, manufacturing, or in design of the product or component. Winners are selected by deliberation of the jury. Jury decisions are final and irrefutable.


Industrial Category

Industrial category is for industrial companies or for people active in the industrial field. The main focus of judging an entry submitted to industrial category is on innovativeness, structure and manufacturing of the product.


Design Category

Design category is aimed at designers and for products which have a high significance of design. Evaluation emphasis is on design itself, usability, product design aspects, and producing a complete product that is sensibly or creatively manufactured.


Educational Establishment Category

Educational establishment category is open for all students and educational establishments. Teams and/or individuals from colleges, universities, and vocational schools are eligible to participate. Judging is based on the necessity of sheet metal, innovativeness, structure and manufacturing, not forgetting design.



Raimo Nikkanen, President of the Jury, Professor, Aalto University, University of Art and Design

Mikko Ahonen, Managing Director, Orima-Tuote Oy

Jukka Enäjärvi, Industrial Designer, Boco Design

Hannu Havusto, Design Director, RD Velho Oy

Tomas Hedenborg, Chairman of the Board, Fastems Oy

Mika Hämäläinen, Freelance Journalist

Lassi Martikainen, Director, HAMK University of Applied Sciences

Aki Ojanen, Sales and Marketing Manager, Finn-Power Oy

Ismo Roponen, Freelance Designer

Juha Varis, Professor, Lappeenranta University of Technology

Arto Kivirinta, Secretary of the Jury, Advisor, the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries



The winning design of the Plootu Fennica sheet metal design competition and at the same their own category winner will be awarded 6,000 euros. The two other category winners will be awarded 2,000 euros each. Honorable mentions are awarded to entries deemed of outstanding merit by the jury. The total value of the prizes is 10,000 euros.


Access Rights to Submitted Entries

The contest organizer has the rights to present submitted works at Engineering Works Trade Fair at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, at presentation events held later, and in publications to the extent agreed with entrant. Co-sponsoring organizations enter into contract with entrant on the use and publishing rights of submitted entry.


Entry Returns

Submitted works must be retrieved from the Plootu Fennica stand at Engineering Works Trade Fair at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre during stand dismantling hours or thereafter from a place to be further notified.

Result Announcement

The results of Plootu Fennica sheet metal design competition will be announced at Engineering Works Trade Fair at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. Winning entrants are notified two months prior.


Entry Instructions

Participation in Plootu Fennica competition is free of charge for all. Registration is done with a registration form and submitting material describing and demonstrating the entry. To ensure anonymity of contestants the registration form is to be closed in an opaque envelope marked with an alias free of choice. Illustrative material that demonstrates the competition entry to the best of its capabilities is to be provided with the same alias and sent along with the envelope. It is to be noted, that the alias should not reveal the identity of the entrant/entrants. Recommendable material is 1-4 at maximum A3-sized collages or prints. The natural size of the product, essential shapes and structures of it and its indicated use and purpose is to be depicted from the sent material. Material is to be marked with the primary category submitted to, included with a short free-formed explanation why the entry is exceptional and innovative. In the case of the entry being small in size, it can be mailed along with the submission material. In other cases, the jury has the right to inspect the model or product if necessary.


Submission Material Mailing Address

Teknologiateollisuus ry.


Arto Kivirinta


00131 Helsinki


Envelope or package is to be marked with "Plootu Fennica" marking.


More information

Arto Kivirinta

040 544 1574




CHP biomass power plant by Volter and Relicomp is winner of the Plootu Fennica sheet metal product competition 2016

CHP biomass power plant by Volter Ltd and Relicomp Ltd has won the Plootu Fennica sheet metal product competition 2016 in the industrial category. The product designed by Pinto Design was also chosen as the best product of the competition and thus named as Sheet Metal Product of the Year. It is rewarded with a prize of 5000 euros granted by the Tampere Trade Fairs.

Volter CHP biomass power plant enables efficient electricity and heat production using local wood resources. Wood chips are superheated into wood gas, which is a fuel for internal combustion engine that runs the generator. Heat from the process is recovered into water.

Awarded products and honorable mentions in 2016

The Sheet Metal Product of the Year and winner of the industrial category
CHP biomass power plant (Volter Ltd and Relicomp Ltd)

Honorable mentions in the industrial category
VETO-household paper stand (Lehtovuori Oy)
Brushed Wall® decoration wall panel (Hiomapojat Ltd)

Winner of the design category
Woikoski's hydrogen filling station (Woikoski Ltd)

Honorable mentions in the design category
Wood Rack firewood range (Stala Ltd)
Lusia picnic grill (Aalto University)

Winners of the educational establishments' category
Pala-set grill set (University of Lapland)
Juju tripod stand (Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences)
Multi-tools (Savonia University of Applied Sciences) 

All Plootu Fennica 2016 awardees (PDF in Finnish)

Sheet metal product of the year will be announced and the prizes will be awarded at the FinnTec 2014 Fair in Helsinki at Helsinki Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Center.

All awarded works will be impressively displayed at the Plootu Fennica stand. We warmly welcome you and your collaborators to the award ceremony on May 6, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. at Helsinki Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Center. Awarded works are on display throughout the fair from May 6 to 8, 2014.

We look forward to seeing you at the fair!